About Us

The Green Tomorrow Fund is an independent sustainable merchant bank that has an investment mandate to:

    1) Invest in clean energy projects

    2) Invest in sustainable businesses

    3) Invest in businesses that support the green economy

    When looking to acquire sustainable assets The Green Tomorrow Fund is not industry specific. If a business manufactures a product, or provides a service which is environmentally friendly/sustainable and is revenue generating the investment potential may fit within our mandate. In addition, we seek to work with existing management teams in order to increase the value of the business/asset in question. We are able to structure our investments in order to untilize an optimal capital structure which best fits the nature of the specific investment.

    The Green Tomorrow Fund is partially owned by Lynx Equities. This partnership allows us to leverage the synergies which come from a firm that does roughly $100 million in sales and has over 400 employees across North America.